It seems that empathy is the balm that will heal the world. Despite the fact that this generation is called the Me Generation. Practice empathy... A brother expressed this to me: This is a comment about the videos above. This is the first step of the characteristic of empathy, And is so much more than stepping into other peoples shoes, To understand why there are radical reactions in this, War-torn, suffering world, that has wars because of greed, And for the control of "oil" resources, etc. etc. The only Words missing in this "philosophy", That is the only solution to the horrific wars, Was "The Divine Love Of Yaha'oha" It is the first step, to step in the other persons shoes, To start to understanding another persons life, And why that person may kill others. But "empathy" is motivated by "Love", And not the love of the world which is selfish and lustful, But it is only through Yaha'oha's Love Divine given, To a "born-again" human being that can, Truly understand what "empathy is, And can even Love their enemies, That may turn their enemies to know the Love of Yaha'oha! And know and experience real empathy, That does not hate, does not kill, And does not ... war! But Loves & Prays, For one another. Baruch HaShem! Halleluyah! (Bless The Name! Praise to Yah!) What does Empathy do? It does not abase, find fault, or compartmentalize neighbor. It's focus is on change in one's own character in order to facilitate empathy. Then naturally, compassion towards other's suffering flows without restriction. Then sympathy, the perception of other's needs, replaces the "Me" taught to us in this generation. All you need is Divine Love... Divine Love is all you need.