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About the Translator

Daniel Duane de Caussin was born in 1956 to Adrian and Rita de Caussin in California. Nevertheless, he spent most of his growing up years in Houston Texas. His family moved there when his father was developing software for oil refinery plants.


He studied, classical guitar, and five string banjo, eventually playing with his friends in a bluegrass band. He also had aspirations to become a photographer and at the age of twelve he constructed a dark room in a storage area of the family home.


His father Adrian taught him and his Sunday school friends to read at the age of three using phonics. The family invested in a full set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Daniel's interest was bent towards reading the entire set.


He was interested in the power of being able to speak in foreign languages and he learned Spanish. Eventually this is what helped him to comprehend Hebrew.


Daniel has taught CNC programming and machine operation to hundreds of people around the world. He has written several technical manuals with the help of his capable staff. These manuals are still being used in the machining industry world wide and are translated into many languages. Daniel's family originated Fadal Machining Centers which manufactured CNC mills. Daniel is a skilled artisan and expert in the implementation of lean manufacturing practices.


His dedication to study Ancient Hebrew drew him into becoming a translator of Paleo Hebrew found on artifacts and rock walls. He has also developed a method for translating that allows for the multitude of variations associated with words that are "heavy" with meaning. Many Hebrew words do not have a one word equivalent, but represent full thoughts. This is what he means by the term, heavy words.


He and his wife, Martha, live in Dunedin Florida and are currently translating the Dead Sea Scrolls starting with Genesis.

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Current Projects and requests:

1) Deut 9:14 M de C - Dunedin FL USA

2) Isa 49:5 M de C. - Dunedin FL USA

3) Deut 8:3 - Miss A  Atlanta GA USA

4)Lev 23: 36-39